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The making of Timbaktu Collective website

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Designing the Timbaktu website was not a merely about designing a website. It was more to do with communication design. The primary factor being the medium itself and in that the medium determines the design. Here you have 15-20 seconds of the audience attention. So, the question then is (i) how does one retain the […]


Rethinking the Annual Report

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It is that dreaded time of the year. No. I am not just talking about 31st March. I am talking of the time that comes next. Preparing the Annual Report. Yes, THE Annual Report. A task which has to be done, which almost everyone I know hates. A task and time which every nonprofit, every […]


Mei Ram-ew ends with a groovy Disco Soup!

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The event was unique. The gathering was huge. The music unifying. And the message clear – Local is Cool, Cooking is Fun. The Mei Ram-ew ended on a high-voltage note when young and old visitors to the Mei Ram-ew were treated to the unique Disco Soup – where Chefs and volunteers cut, chopped, danced, and […]

mei ram-ew

Celebrating a Revival

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Something very interesting is happening in North East India. The local communities have been holding a series of Food Festivals where locally available (wild edibles) and locally grown food (cultivated) are displayed and cooked. Known as Mei Ram ew, and modeled on the Terra Madre and the good, clean, fair concept of Slow Food, these festivals are bringing communities […]


Who Moves the Creative-Change Cheese?

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“Creativity results from the interaction of a system consisting of three elements: a culture that contains symbolic rules, a person who brings novelty into the symbolic domain, and a field of experts who recognize and validate the innovation”, says Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi, who has written much about the innate connection between creativity, happiness and meaning calling it “flow”. […]


Do NGOs need to communicate better..?

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There is much debate among the philanthropic circles about NGO communications. The view largely seems to be that NGOs need to do much more to get across to their supporters and constituencies. While mostly the donor and the NGO opinion is that they are largely satisfied with the work being done, what is being missed […]


Why tell a Story…?

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We human beings are wired for stories. Whether as children at our grandmother’s knee or as youngsters watching a movie or as adults reading a magazine on sports or politics, we are constantly engaged with stories. Our thinking is influenced, moved, sculpted by stories… as much as our emotions and psyches respond and react to […]