Why Ground Zero+ ?

Ground Zero+ is for the people who are working with people. People in the Development Sector. People who work with tribals, slum-dwellers, farmers, sex-workers, street-children… anyone really who has in some way been under-privileged, marginalised, disempowered. You name it.

Ground Zero is really a beat up old name. Common. Understood. The “+” is to mean You, I, We… who work at Ground Zero. And it is not only the ones who are working in the field. It is also the behind-the-scenes people – the administrators, the managers, the donors, the publicists, the story-tellers, musicians, film-makers, techies… anyone really who has done their bit to even the odds, counter, balance, restructure. Go ahead. You name them.

So… why Ground Zero+ ?

Because we have been there… and we share similar contexts… and so understand the angst, the frustrations, the joys, the drive, the need, the dream.

Because we need to tell our stories… of our toil, our sweat. Stories that also tell of our struggles and successes and learnings from our failures.

Because we also need to fill the world with different stories… different from what the world is filled with, filling up with… stories that speak not only of why we need a different world, but that it is possible, and how it can be made so.

Because Stories are powerful. They express, share, confront. They touch are hearts, our minds, our souls. They catalyse, empower, connect. Because they grease the wheels of Change.

… and because for all this to happen we need to be better Storytellers.